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the leader of the new era of chinese wisdom made
release time: 2016-12-8 10:08:05

levin b&p de 4 industrial intelligent manufacturing forum and new product launches

shenzhen fair is known as the science and technology innovation china first exhibition, bp de fulah, would also like to take this platform to show our industry 4 intelligent manufacturing overall software and hardware solutions and globalization layout, and the number of industry-leading innovation. at the same time, bp also hosted the 4 forum of intelligent manufacturing industry and new product launches.

levin b&p de 4 intelligent manufacturing industry forum

a professional and pragmatic exchange platform

    at present, labor costs continue to rise, the traditional labor-intensive manufacturing enterprises have no competitive advantage, the whole industry is still in the throes of transformation and upgrading of the majority of manufacturing enterprises in seeking automation equipment, intelligent manufacturing solutions as the transformation and upgrading of the medicine. however, china manufacturing owners generally on intelligent manufacturing, the concept of industrial 4 is not clear. and the blind pursuit of manufacturing upgrading and upgrading, huge investment of manpower and material resources have little effect. how to choose a 4 overall layout of industrial partners, planning a clear idea of intelligent factory, equipment upgrades to let today become tomorrow's intelligent factory brick to avoid duplication of investment. this is only chinese the manufacturing industry in the primary problem of "winter" need to face.

         b&p de levin hosted the 4 industrial intelligent manufacturing forum and new product launches, is to provide a platform for everyone to share, and in the "china manufacturing partner winter" solution. in this regard, we specially invited experts from 4 aspects of the b&p industry, strategic partners, the german mr plan company 4, industrial planning speech for us; also invited the leading 3d detection technology, b&p strategic partner, the united states solarius company, share the latest application of 3d detection in the mobile phone industry. we also invited china's intelligent manufacturing authority figure of the china intelligent manufacturing vice chairman of specialized committee, south china zhang, as we explain in intelligent manufacturing. experts at home and abroad gathered to bring professional feast 4 an intelligent manufacturing industry as the guests, all the guests had a good and deep for a good afternoon.

(vice chairman of the specialized committee china intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing practice and thinking of topics of scut zhang)

b&p partner, germany plan mr company lecture 4 planning

(b&p partners, the united states solarius company to share the latest 3d testing applications in the mobile phone industry)

the global leader in the new era of intelligent manufacturing

b&p levin ceo de tu total explained: throughout the world, industrial 4 hardware and software overall layout, providing a complete set of hardware and software in intelligent warehouse, mes, non-standard automation, robot vision products, testing system and agv one-stop solutions for enterprises few.b&p de fulai intelligent polytron technologies inc is currently the world the only one who can supply 4 intelligent hardware factory industry one-stop solutions to our customers. based on the industry leader in the united states, britain, germany, malaysia, thailand, southeast asia (including beijing and singapore chinese, xi'an, kunshan, dongguan, zhongshan, shenzhen (5) and a total of thirteen manufacturing and r & d center has formed in 4 industrial intelligent plant for the development of the seven business groups, hundreds of professional r & d team, formed a complete production chain of intelligent plant layout and globalization.

b&p de levin with dr. (after) group of the industry's top team and overseas r & d team and relying on the research and innovation of scut and shenzhen university. continued research and development of innovation investment, the company in the robot vision, testing system, mes, intelligent storage and other fields has accumulated a deep technical precipitation, with hundreds of patents. in addition to the smart factory hardware and software technology in the leading position in the industry. at present, vision and robotics and test equipment related to many applications of technology in the world leading level. for example the visual product shaped insert machine after several years of technical research, plug-in speed up to 0.7 seconds, the refresh speed and the global industry, stable and practical breaking, and beyond foreign companies especially japanese companies of this kind of equipment in the global industry monopoly, to become the world's leading brand new industry. with the machine 3d detection technology and visual technology in the world leading level, according to many aspects of mobile phone testing technology of wearable devices in the world leading position in the industry. in addition, b&p developers are combined with the latest technology in the development of a series of revolutionary new products. while this is only b& p de fulai intelligent plant (industrial 4) a the ring of many advantages of the whole.

shoulder the task of national industry to catch up with the global pattern

      for a long time, china manufacturing and german manufacturing, made in japan compared to both quality and efficiency, there is a certain gap. thus affect the final price and brand, this gap gap is mainly due to the manufacturing equipment. and we used the same intelligent manufacturing equipment and intelligent manufacturing system, using the same material whether, in japan, germany, the united states and chinese manufacturing, quality and efficiency as the final product. that is to say through the actual implementation of the national 2025 china intelligent manufacturing, manufacturing chinese can quickly catch up germany, japan's manufacturing level, thus becoming a real world manufacturing power.b&p levin hold full 4 sets of industrial software and hardware independent solutions, so as to achieve smart factory customers more practical, more cost-effective and more efficient service, have a greater total value. because of many advantages of the b. &p de levin got a lot of transformation and upgrading of the earliest recognized by the world's top 500 enterprises, such as apple, microsoft, amazon, valeo, flextronics, huawei, zte, byd, lenovo, foxconn and other.b&p de fulai is committed to intelligent enterprises all over the world manufacturing upgrade, according to the actual situation, put forward the best customer for now smart factory and long-term development of the solution.
      fully completed in the future manufacturing power has a long way to go, industrious, brave, full of innovation and vitality of the chinese nation has always been a miracle creator.b&p de levin as a member of the national industry, as the development of chinese manufacturing equipment power as its mission, we will continue the tradition, full of power industry enthusiasm, with visual recognition in the industry 4,, robots and other advantages, for the national industry "china manufacturing 2025" have made a contribution and continuous innovation, mind the world, leading the chinese manufacturing towards global new height.

(levin b&p de ceo tu total speech)

(b&p zhang always do intelligent factory to explain)

(tu accept media interviews)

(tu always lucky honored guests award)

(tu and lucky guests photo nostalgia)

(dr. ouyang introduced the company's latest alien plug-in unit)

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