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b&p de levin will welcome the new year 2017
release time: 2017-1-19 19:31:53

in january 16, 2017, b&p de fulai intelligent polytron technologies inc held in: in the sky beauty "ju defu, lai chi not ramada plaza hotel" as the theme of the 2017 new year. years will the wise, wise, zhi yuansan chapters, and summarize the achievements of the past year award exhibition at the grand blueprint for the future as the main line, to show, dinner draw, show. there are industry leaders, site customer, partner, and b&p staff totaling hundreds of people join the happy event.

hall, levin b&p de staff as we prepare the theme sign wall, everyone left calligraphy can also take a picture, add commemorative significance.

and wechat sign, scanning the two-dimensional code to sign, and get the 500 chance to a lottery, look forward to a better tomorrow. guests can also enjoy their new year wishes vcr b&p members, share the desire, feelings of joy.

7, the party began. suddenly the audience lights, we enjoy a video show. the opening of great momentum and ushered in the b&p de ceo levin tu total speech. tu total first thanked the support and help of the vip visit b&p has been, and thank all b&p de levin hard to pay, then introduced 2016b&p de levin's achievements.

16 years b&p de fulai company launched a special plug-in machine to refresh the global industry speed, developed 3d intelligent robot visual recognition of the world's leading intelligent building industry robot smooth fill blank.

the company has also completed 4 industrial intelligent plant from intelligent storage, mes, robot, non-standard automation, visual and testing of the whole industry chain and globalization layout. at the same time the company's continued use of visual recognition, the new product has the industry subversive significance of deep learning artificial intelligence and other aspects of the new technology r & d, which will become the point of growth the future of the new company.

tu total also describes the manufacturing china for a long time, unfair treatment by chinese brand because of manufacturing equipment. and puts forward the solutions to b&p de fulai independently use their embrace of full set of hardware and software for 4, 2025 and make the contribution to the total industrial manufacturing. chinese tu prosperous strong patriotism, ushered in the present the guests warm applause.

the explosive growth of the industry 4 annual market presents hundreds of times, b&p de levin ushered in unprecedented historical opportunity, also did a lot of preparation.

2017 de levin settled 20 thousand flat new industrial park, with more new equipment, industrial 4 intelligent plant demonstration line of their own, set up in shanghai, luoyang, the r & d center in germany, to introduce more global industry first-class technical personnel and management personnel, to build echelon of talents, the implementation of equity incentive, making enterprise good innovative culture, to create b&p de fulai into master industry advanced core technology, and have continuous innovation and the rapid development of the globalization of enterprise group.

b&p de levin will be based on the intelligent manufacturing industry 4, and at the tip of artificial intelligence, big data industry, maintain the leading intelligent cloud manufacturing platform, and accelerate the completion of the intelligent factory of his own, for the intelligent manufacturing market broke out. the future ltd performance expected times growth, three years after the performance break 10 billion. total borrowing total xi tu you roll up your sleeves and go ", the common struggle called for a worthy achievement, the envy of the world b&p de levin, but also the achievements of everyone. tu total speech let all b&p people blood surging, a warm applause for a long time to rest.

the party into the party links. we enjoy the wine dinner while watching the wonderful performances. the show has a passionate chorus, funny comedy, graceful dance, stunning acrobatics, and formed a strong ancient fancies of men of letters, the department of german levin "spring festival gala".

the show is also interspersed with a round draw, the evening to a climax. the whole party gathered wine, delicacy, vision, determination, dance, music, sound, and form a sea of joy. a party in the chorus to sing "a better tomorrow" singing come to an end.

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