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china's first industrial 4 intelligent production line shenzhen available - people's network
release time: 2017-7-1 9:34:09 2017 06 month 30 days 15:32, b&p de fulah reported 4 smart factory industrial demonstration line

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from the initial delivery of processing materials, to the manufacturing of each link, and then to finished product packaging and transportation even piled up, all processes are done automatically in the intelligent operating system. this is the reporter saw in the german city of shenzhen levin intelligent polytron technologies inc interview yesterday to the scene. this means that the first 4 chinese industrial intelligent plant the company developed the production line officially launched in shenzhen.

the reporter saw the scene, de fulai industry 4 intelligent plant demonstration line mainly by the front-end equipment and back-end information automation system. levin ceo de tu guoquan said, through independent research and development and technology research, german researchers levin integrated front-end system, through intelligent design, intelligent management, intelligent production link whole intelligent manufacturing.

this is a flexible line of industrial standard 4 large-scale customized production. german levin ceo tu guoquan said, from the industrial to the industrial 1.0,2.0 3, regardless of mechanization, electrification and programmable control equipment, the previous industrial revolution is the pursuit of machine substitutions, the semi-automatic or automatic equipment to replace manual, large-scale production of a single product. de fulai intelligent plant demonstration line fusion technology leading international collaboration technology of autonomous mobile robot, robot, machine vision and artificial intelligent deep learning technology, not only do mass production, and can achieve the flexible manufacturing, according to the demand of orders in the same production line to achieve mass production of a number of varieties.

in contrast, a higher degree of automation of the emergence of the production workshop, and can not be called smart factory. german levin researchers told reporters, de fulai intelligent plant completely automated production, logistics, digital information, comprehensive intelligent control and management by only two people in the central control room, you can complete the ordinary factory only 159 production lines of production staff.

it is reported that the country is pushing china manufacturing 2025, intelligent plant construction is to take the heat, there is a trillion large market. at present, de fulai has received a lot of orders from all over the country, industry 4 deep enterprise independent research and development of intelligent plant solutions, is expected to quickly copy to the country.

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