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industrial 4.0 - fourth industrial revolution - made in china 2025
release time: 2017-2-21 10:18:54

what is industrial 4.0, industry 4.0 is one of the top ten future projects proposed by the german government "germany 2020 high technology strategy". the project is funded by the german federal ministry of education and research and the federal ministry of economics and technology, the investment is expected to reach 200 million euros. designed to enhance the level of intelligence in the manufacturing industry, the establishment of adaptive, resource efficiency and genetic engineering wisdom factory, in the business process and value process integration of customers and business partners. its technical basis is the network entity system and the internet of things.
industrial 4.0 - fourth industrial revolution - made in china 2025
industrial 4.0 is divided into three main themes:
1. "intelligent factory", focusing on intelligent production systems and processes, with the network of distributed production facilities to achieve.
2. "intelligent production", mainly related to the entire enterprise production logistics management, human-computer interaction and 3d technology in industrial production process applications. the program will focus on attracting small and medium enterprises to participate in the attempt to make smes a new generation of intelligent production technology users and beneficiaries, but also become the advanced industrial production technology creators and suppliers;
2. "intelligent logistics", mainly through the internet, internet of things, logistics network, integrated logistics resources, give full play to the efficiency of the existing logistics resource supply side, and demand side, you can quickly get the service match, get logistics support.

this process, germany called industrial 4.0, the united states called the industrial internet, we believe that the ministry of industry and the two fusion of chinese manufacturing 2025, internet of things people call it all things internet. the whole process of industry 4.0 is the process of continuous integration of automation and information, but also the process of redefining the world by software. most human labor and mental labor are replaced by machines and artificial intelligence.

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